Buddhist Compassion: BLIA Sydney Chapter Provides Charity Lunch on Vesak Day

Venerable Chueh Shan (3rd from right) and President Daniel Wu (2nd from right) of BLIA Sydney led BLIA Advisors, Loving Care Group volunteers and BLIA-YAD members on a visit to Parramatta Mission Meal Plus to deliver a Buddha’s Birthday charity lunch service. They were warmly welcomed by Service Manager Paul Moussa (center). photo/FGS Nan Tien Buddhist Temple Parramatta
BLIA-YAD Western Sydney members at the Buddha’s Birthday charity lunch service event. photo/FGS Nan Tien Buddhist Temple Parramatta
Venerable Chueh Shan (2nd from right) and Daniel Wu (2nd from left) of BLIA Sydney exchanging greetings with Paul Moussa (right), Service Manager of Parramatta Mission Meal Plus. photo/FGS Nan Tien Buddhist Temple Parramatta
BLIA members delivering charity lunch at Parramatta Mission Meal Plus. photo/FGS Nan Tien Buddhist Temple Parramatta

Florence Yuen
May 30, 2024

On May 15, 2024, in celebration of Buddha’s birthday, BLIA Sydney Chapter organized a special charity event. Abbess Chueh Shan, the Guiding Venerable, led the team including Deputy Advisor General Vincent Hong, President Daniel Wu, Loving Care Group Western Subchapter and BLIA YAD Western Sydney team members to visit Parramatta Mission Meal Plus, a nonprofit organization affiliated with the Uniting Church in Australia, and to serve a delicious vegetarian lunch to over 150 vulnerable community members.

Parramatta Mission has a rich history of over two centuries, focusing on supporting homeless individuals and those with mental health challenges. The Meal Plus program provides breakfast and lunch services on weekdays, along with accommodation and mental health support, aiming to enhance well-being and to empower community members. Service Manager Paul Moussa warmly welcomed Abbess Chueh Shan and the BLIA Sydney Chapter team, expressing heartfelt gratitude for their generous provision of vegetarian meals. The recipients of the lunch were full of praise for the food, expressing sincere thanks.

Eunice Huynh, President of BLIA YAD Western Sydney shared her experience from the event. She emphasized the importance of faith and collective strength, gained through interacting with community members and learning from the process. Her wholehearted involvement made her acutely aware of social injustices, and she hopes that mutual assistance can ensure equal opportunities for everyone. She looks forward to more community service opportunities for the youth group to become responsible citizens.
President Daniel Wu highlighted the significance of interacting with various religious organizations on Buddha’s birthday. The principle of Buddhist generosity advocates that “the giver and receiver are not different from one another.” Thus, there is only mutual respect instead of differentiation. He encouraged all volunteers to reflect on this, allowing BLIA Sydney Chapter to continue to grow and to improve on its provision of care to its members and the community.

Abbess Chueh Shan stated that this charity lunch service at Parramatta Mission not only contributes tangibly to the community but also embodies the spirit of Buddhist compassion. By providing warm meals and care to those in need, they put the Buddha’s teaching of “relieving suffering” into action. This not only aligns with Buddhist charitable traditions but also strengthens connections with the community, promoting social harmony and inclusivity. The selfless dedication of the BLIA volunteer team exemplifies the true essence of giving, purifying hearts and elevating societal morality.


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